Most students think that physics is such a difficult subject that some of them would rather avoid than try to master it. However, regardless you like or not, you have to stick with it, passing the exam to continue the next semester. Thus we want to help you solve your problem dealing with physics.

Firstly, it is very important that you always pay attention to the teacher and the explanation during the class. Even though you don’t like this subject, don’t put the class aside, thinking that you can study it at home with ease by only reading the theories on the textbooks. As you know that physics is rather difficult to understand, just hand it to the lecturer or teacher as the expert to give you the explanation.

Don’t try to memorize things your lecturers say or you read from textbooks. Instead, understand the logic and how something works or happens. Try to really understand the matter, especially during the experiment activities.

Another thing you can do is to make a study group. It is better for you to form it in early in the semester that it will be easy when you deal with lab activities which involve partner(s). Arrange the schedule, including the place and time for regular meeting. Studying with group is beneficial. If you have any difficulties, you can share with your friends. They probably have the answers and give you clear explanation.

Also, studying physics in group force you to study the matter more seriously as you have to share your knowledge with the other members. You don’t want to be the only one who is passive in the group, always listening to your friends’ explanation, do you? In this case, you can practice teaching physics, especially to those who don’t understand the matter.

Now when it comes to the exam, you might be confused by the initial sentences within the questions that will make you desperate before you start answering them. Thus we would like to suggest you to read all the exam questions. Do the easiest first. Try to read each question completely and digest them slowly, but precisely.

One more thing, don’t look at the clock while you are doing the last problems as you can get nervous for running out time that you may fail to answer the questions. Those are tips to be successful in physics exam. We hope that it is useful for you.

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